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CryoSol’s Solution: VitroJet

The VitroJet was developed to provide maximum control and reproducibility over sample preparation for single particle analysis.

In structural biology, scientists are performing cutting edge research with high-tech imaging equipment to unravel yet unknown secrets of nature. Your microscope is likely to be among the most powerful imaging machines in the world.

The imaging power of your microscope can only reach full potential if the sample you are about to examine is of the best quality. In other words, the quality of the image is only as good as the quality of the sample that enters the microscope, no matter how powerful your cryo-EM is.

The drawbacks of current sample preparation are clear: it is operator dependent and grid reproducibility is sub-optimal. The process is hardly controlled resulting in wasted time and money of your cryo-EM.

CryoSol-World is committed to bring these high-quality samples to your microscope.

With the VitroJet, you can focus on imaging.


Opportunity to use standardized or create personalized settings. Automatic handling and vitrification of pre-clipped autogrids.

Controlled sample deposition


   Unique pin-printing technology* is used to control sample deposition

Superior cooling rates


  Jetting technology* enables vitrification of autogrids by cooling directly on the sample

Visual inspection

Allows initial screening of the deposited layer before going to the cryo-EM

*Patent pending

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